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Use this printable Food Fitness Journal or check out the personalized WebMD Food Fitness Planner to help keep you working toward your goals. Food and Fitness Journal Studies show and successful losers have proven that keeping track of what you eat and your activity level is one of the most powerful tools to help you shed unwanted pounds and keep them off for good. MY FOOD JOURNAL Breakfast Date SERVING CALORIES SUBTOTAL Mid-Morning Snack Lunch Mid-Afternoon Snack Dinner Evening Snack TOTAL...
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Hi it's Tessa I'm here today with my happy planner which I use as my food and fitness journal I got this for $4.99 on blitzie I believe about two months ago and I decide to set it up as my food and fitness planner I originally had taken out three months March April and May so I must have got it in March and I had put that in my 85 but I realized I didn't like it so I put it back in my happy planner I think and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but now I've decided I was gonna use it as my food Fitness Journal so the first thing I have in here I've made and it's just a little pocket it's dual sided and I have all my fitness exercise stickers in here I use the planner sister sticker I'm going to put this one in here to their sample stickers because they have the hydrate and stuff on them and I like that see how to use these then up here I have a sample of sneakers Bella Rose Paper Co step counter sweet bean plans yoga stickers Nikki plus three yoga stickers and a Zumba stickers I just have some washi in case I needed it hydrate stickers from happy scrappy in three different colors then I have this is from whoops punky B designs I requested these and she made them which I really like those these are from the reset girl and I have some sample stuff here there's on that side and then on this side I have the Fitness kit from sweet qui designs which I actually showed these on a video already so I'm just going to thumb through them real quick I don't want to use them because I like them too much and I like to smell them and then in here is another folder I made out of a file folder it's just a big folder one sided I have a couple kits here this is from punky B designs it's a Manby kit that's what I'm going to use it in here that's that here's another one by her I love these and then here's one more by her I think is our blank breakfast at tiffany's collection I believe really pretty I like these big hydrate stickers they work good for a fitness planner there's those and then I also bought which I haven't used any of them yet the happy planner fitness stickers which are really awesome they have all kinds of stuff anything I could one so I like them there and there the bottom of my thing came apart I have to fix it so I don't have anything in here oh I do I do have a couple things in here I'm sorry I have the guides of paleo foods that I printed off of Pinterest and it's just punched and stuck in there this is more like whole food list that I have put in there and some note paper this was from whenever I punched it and put it in my a five so this is what was left of that and this is when I I just stuck in what I had this I was just trying it to see if I would like it so I kind of just I past planned my food so my first week was with this rustic designs kit I didn't film or take any pictures of this so I was still like testing the waters but um breakfast lunch dinner and my step counter right here and then when I went when I worked out I right...